20,000 words reached! The end is (maybe) in sight.

Writers life

Bentley The Brave

Just broke the 20,000 word ceiling!  And I cannot put into words what that feels like.

I never thought I would ever get this far with my novel.  I guess somewhere deep down, I thought I would end up like a lot of other people who start novels, but never finish them.  I’m just glad I reached down even deeper and grabbed onto something meaningful and right.

I also now understand the benefits of taking a break and letting ideas build up – tonight I penned 2842 words in about two hours.  I’m really happy with myself for that.

So we have a new character in the story.  His name is Kuu, and he is a fierce but wise Snow Leopard, much like this one I would imagine:


And he will be of invaluable assistance to Bentley as the story unfolds.

Thanks to everyone for their comments, follows, likes etc…

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