Cover Letters

SplittingOak, and other verbs and nouns

Cover letters are an interesting beast. On the one hand, they should be professional, succinct and to the point. On the other, they are so boring. Today I applied for a role and wrote a cover letter from scratch. I’m actually pretty proud of it, and I thought rather than write a blog post, I could just copy and paste the body of the letter here! Boom, two birds. I’ve left off all of the specifics so that none of you sneaky readers can go applying for the job. As much as I love competition, I love getting a job more. Everything within square brackets has been changed from the original, in case there is any confusion. Here goes:




Dear [Person Who I hope Likes Me],

RE: [The role I’m applying for…]

I am writing today to apply the role specified, advertised on [date]. And that is as…

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