I’d Rather Write a Novel than a Summary of that Novel


I’m at it again. One of my most frustrating times of the year. Writing the dreaded “blurb” that will become the back of my novel or the description on Amazon or just the pitch that I’ll use with reviewers.

I’m nearly at the point of sending the draft of my fourth novel out to some early readers for feedback, so I thought I should “sharpen the pencil” and try to hammer out a simple pitch, so they know what to expect.


Nothing simple about it. I just spent the last half hour writing five paragraphs of description about my novel and all of it is garbage.

Summary writing is creative writing. Perhaps one has to be even more creative to write a good summary than to write a good novel. How can you boil 60000 words down to a hundred. An “elevator pitch” some might like to say. All…

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