The Daunting Task of Flashbacks


Yesterday evening I banged out the first flashback scene that didn’t sound like something out of a telenovella or daytime soap opera. Call it egotistical, but I’m counting that at an achievement.

Abydos is a story that utilizes flashbacks to move characters forward, which is terribly inconvenient considering these are the scenes I struggle to write the second most (preceded only by fight scenes.) Normally, I would’ve erred against a plot element that would prove so frustrating. Yet, in this case, I just couldn’t work the flashbacks out of the plot line – no matter how hard I tried. Time and time again, scenario after scenario, they simply proved too integral – too important – to the story. Without them, Abydos would never live up to its potential. It would simply remain a shell of what it could be.

And I just couldn’t have that.

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