5 Deadlines That Show Up In Every Bestseller: Character Deadlines

Christopher Kokoski


There are 5 deadlines, or ticking clocks, that consistently show up in bestselling novels.

In the last two posts, we talked about the Story Deadline and the Resource Deadline. If you haven’t read those, I strongly encourage you to go check them out. Today, I’d like to focus on another deadline common in bestsellers – the Character Deadline.

Before we dive in, here’s a quick review of all 5 Deadlines:

5 Deadlines That Show Up in Every Bestseller

Story Deadline
Resource Deadline
Character Deadline (life and death)
Chase Deadline
Disaster Deadline

Remember, too, the nonnegotiable elements of a deadline: a time limit, a clear threat to a character in the story and reader awareness of both the time limit and threat. In bestsellers, characters sometimes know about the time limit and threat and sometimes they don’t. However, readers always know so that they can care, fear and worry about the characters.

Now to…

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