UPDATED: Writing Workshops and How to Fail At Them

writing workshops

I am not lost...

NEW UPDATE 6:09 PM THURSDAY: So I’ve figured out that they DID in fact list the location we went to on the meetup posting, and still apparently held it elsewhere. I’ve now contacted the group to see what in the world is going on. So for now, this remains a massive failure and disappointment on their part.

UPDATE 5:50 PM THURSDAY: So it appears that the place they were holding the meetup has two locations, and we were at the wrong one. (Oops?) If they specified which location, we didn’t see it; if they didn’t, well then they didn’t. Either way, I think this can remain as a blog about how write-ins can be held, because goodness knows I’ve seen more than a few make mistakes like we thought they had!

Yesterday, the 10th of September, was the second anniversary of the announcement I made saying that I’d been made…

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