Why do I blog?

To Wear A Rainbow


Now now that is a question the answer to which was given to me by my son.He told me “”Mom you seem happier nowadays”. I looked at him with wonder. He set me thinking that nothing had changed in my life since the past 2 months except that I had formed a family outside my real family. My blogging community.There were people in faraway parts of the world who. I didn’t know personally but I liked what they wrote. They in turn gave wonderful comments on my posts. It is such an exhilarating feeling when a person who belongs to a different country , culture and ethnicity ,thinks the way I do,appreciates your work and I in turn totally understand and cherish their take on fashion and other topics.I was reaching out to wonderful people through my blog.

My another big reason of blogging is loneliness. Since my 13…

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