So, the question keeps coming up……

J. J. Brown, Wordslinger

…….about writing groups and do I belong to or attend one (or several). As it happens, I don’t. I’ve been to a few and enjoyed the experience, but within twenty minutes of the group starting, I’d zone out and find myself thinking about the project (or projects) I had going on at home that I really, REALLY wanted to be working on at that moment, instead of the exercises that were being handed out or giving my full attention to the work that was being critiqued. 

I also had a few negative experiences, where I felt attacked for a variety of reasons (an example: a fellow writer took exception to the term ‘drive-in’. He claimed to be confused by the use of it, feeling that it was for a restaurant, rather than a place for watching movies, even though I’d been clear on that particular point within two paragraphs). I…

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