Writing is a Bad Habit: Wrestling with Preconceptions

J. B. Garner - Musings of a Starving Author

Today was the day I began writing the final two books in the two trilogies I have been working on and I found, as I usually do, the beginning of the books to be the hardest.  There is a particular reason for that and it’s something I realized would make for good material for a blog post so … here we are.  The thing I run into most when beginning a new piece, especially one that is a continuation of an earlier work, is wrangling with the possible preconceptions that my readers have.

It is just human nature for a reader to begin to think about the future of the book’s (or the series’) plot and the outcome of the entire thing.  Often, we form our thoughts about those things based on preconceptions and ideas gleaned from other similar works and genres.  It’s how our minds work, helping to sort…

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