Writing, even if it’s not the “right” writing

Cinthia Ritchie

I work as a journalist, for those of you don’t know. I edit and write a weekly newspaper for a small, bedroom community outside of Anchorage, Alaska. I enjoy my job, sometimes, though the workload is intense and the hours are long and the attention to detail does little to suit my nature.

DSC_0638 View from the football field where I shot last week’s high school game. Not a bad view while working, eh?

This job naturally requires that I write. Since I’m the only person on staff (except for freelancers), I basically must dig up enough copy to fill a 16-page paper. Some weeks I see this as an exhilarating challenge. Others, I want to run screaming from my computer.

Yet, being forced to write each day, and everything from briefs to obituaries to features to hard-news stories, is a lesson every writer needs to learn. Because the truth be told, a writer can write even when she…

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