0093 – I Have to Market My Own Books?

Being a Writer

When I first updated my sci-fi short story ebooks — SECRETS & LOST –, my sellers rank was in the high 400,000’s, low 500,000’s for these books. If that wasn’t bad enough. . .in the five days since I made updates (new covers, more edits, better descriptions, updated keywords & categories), the rank has fallen even more thanks to zero sales:

Screen Shot 10-10-14 at 10.52 AMWhen I see this, my heart drops into my stomach and I just want to puke, it’s so sad. Ranking like this basically mean that unless it’s by chance, no one will ever see this book and buy it (as proven by zero sales all this week).

I think many of us are of the impression that books will sell themselves. I know I use to think this.

My misplaced perception is due to the fact that I’ve done zero marketing since posting these books 18-months ago. In that time…

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