Are You Lost in the Sea of Publishing?

Literary Magic

Wading through endless book lists to find which are the best reads, which will inspire a good review, is becoming an exercise in nautical expertise. It’s seems one must navigate through the seas of infinitesimal resources: the local bookstore, publicists seeking author promotion, the Kindle at your fingertips, Goodreads and LibraryThing friends, Amazon, small presses, fellow bloggers, your local library…the list goes on. The sea of publishing is growing more vast. What does one do to avoid drowning in it?

This great big sea of publishing can be overwhelming to readers and writers alike. The book world is a choppy, treacherous sort of place, especially now with its enormous influx of self-published titles, which some would argue has allowed in too much garbage, polluting the “seas.” Also from this publishing world, a monster has emerged, it seems, a hybrid creature, half paper and ink and half ethereal light on a screen. Rather than feel a divide or a loss, we should embrace the new…

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