Debate: Linear vs. Non-Linear Writing

My Literary Quest

good-luck-street-sign-design-ideas-600x434 Does your story look like this?

There are several debates when it comes to drafting a novel. The most well-known debate is usually between plotters and pantsers. Plotters being those who outline and plan each chapter in advance and pantsers being those who wing it and see what comes out.  Turns out most writers I know do a bit of both.

A lesser debated issue is that between linear and non-linear writing.  Linear writing is when a writer starts at the beginning and plows through to the end without going back to change or fix things. Non-linear writing is when the story is written out-of-order. The writer might have a stroke of inspiration and envision an awesome climax and write that first and then they go through and write the events that lead up to it. Non-linear writing also includes writers who start at the beginning and then loop back…

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