Don’t Tick Off the Author

Linda W. Yezak

don't tick of the authorYou’ve seen it on Facebook, I’m sure: “Don’t tick off the author, or she’ll put you in her book and kill you.”

Yesterday, at the doctor’s office, someone ticked off this author. First time in a long time I wanted to start writing murder mysteries again–maybe not to kill her, but I’d certainly love to word-paint her in her true colors.

I walked into the doctor’s crowded outer office and waited in a short line to register, one couple ahead of me, one elderly lady at the window. On the other side of the window, a gum-poppin’ receptionist with a rhinestone-studded head band explained to the older woman that her insurance wasn’t accepted at this office. The girl looked barely over twenty, and to her credit, she was being as patient as she could. When she did get frustrated, she stepped away and let someone else talk with the rejected patient…

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