Pen Name – Permission to fail


I hate to break the trust that we’ve built up in all our time together (read: one other introductory post), but I think it’s time to come clean.

I use a pen name.

Take a deep breath and we’ll get through this shocking revelation together.

If you take five minutes and do a little search on what writers feel about pen names, you’ll get about fifty different opinions. Some good, some not. Some valid, some not so much. I decided to use a pen name for two reasons – one completely superficial, one that feels a little more legitimate (to me, anyway).
The Superficial Reason:
I was avoiding writing this week and decided to play around with a mockup of a cover for my current work-in-progress. I found the right photos and the right font and blended this and shadowed that. I liked it. It wasn’t bad for a first…

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