Proofreading, grammar and spelling

Writing Grammar

This simply means polishing the language till it flows easily like a good conversation. Or like Hemingway put it: “Finding the right words and placing them in the adequate order”.

The best advice is to simply trust your ears. It was the love for language that led you to write the novel in the first place, so this is the time to trust your instincts.

If a sentence sounds too sophisticated or overly exaggerated then you must lower the tone or just remove it. If it sounds floppy, then it still needs work. But if a sentence flows without effort and transmits the exact meaning of an idea to us, of what we are looking for, then do not touch it.

In terms of style, in my opinion, the simpler the better, so it doesn’t attract attention (in comparison to the pompous prose of inexperienced writers). And the paradox is:…

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