Blitz Novel – Day 14


Well hello dear friends. I am in a most amicable mood, which is rare for a writer I might add. Today we hailed as a break-back, that day when you know if its a winner (in my eyes I might add), or a damp squib. Happily I can report we this end have had the most excellent day. I have spent the last two hours trying to explain the feeling. If you are running in the rain but feel like you have unsurmountable energy, well that was today. All I can advise is…keep running!

I started with ‘x’ number of words, we finished with ‘y’. In that time I wrote 8,500 words and closed a hell of a lot of loops. But wait, this sounds smug. Its not meant to be. I started this campaign to show the process, I can only hope that if anyone out there, at all…

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