Blog-hopping and Rule-bending

The parasite guy

Well, it’s been a little late in coming, but I did actually manage to post this week like I said I would, which I reckon counts for something. A big thanks goes out once again to Kokkieh, who nominated me to take part in the present hop. I particularly enjoyed questions 4 and 5 when I wrote this up: I had no idea at all how to answer them at first and, really, as a writer I kinda need to be able to answer things like that.

The rules for this blog-hop, by the way,  are as follows:

  1. Answer the five questions – done!
  2. Nominate two bloggers to continue the hop – also done!

So…seems I have everything in order there…let’s begin!

1. Include a quote that you like

Fun fact: this was the very last question I answered when writing this post, simply because it took ages to think…

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