The Value Of Writing Groups

C.K. Martin / Cas Martin

Writing groups can fall into a couple of categories.

Sometimes there are ones that are too large, which means in order for everyone to get a turn they can only read 500 words and get 2 minutes of feedback. Not exactly useful.

There are ones that are too friendly, where all feedback is positive and no one actually grows as a writer. It gives you the warm and fuzzies, but it’s no more beneficial than the one above.

writing group

Of course, the counter side to that is the writing group that is full of pretentious arseholes who think that scathing literary critiques are required because they’ve been sitting in that chair – usually going nowhere – for the past twenty years so they must be qualified to do so. This is my least favourite kind of writing group. It kills any joy you have in creating, undermines your self-confidence and when…

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