3 Key Steps for Creating a Successful Blog

Secrets and Top Lists

Writing a blog is popular. Still, for most bloggers  writing a blog is like shouting in a forrest: you are doing it but no-one can hear.

Now ask yourself this question: If I  write my blog in the forest, and a tree falls on me and kills me, does anyone care? Follow the 3 key steps for creating a successful blog outlined below, and your loyal followers will be sad to find out you are dead.

  1. Have a topic that is interesting and emotionally meaningful for a clearly defined audience.
  2. Don’t just know your topic, master it. Knowledge is not enough, also have deep yet clever insights.
  3. Write well: fluid, well constructed text with sound logic and arguments that lead into clear points is the minimum requirement. Don’t babble!

Now some of the readers are wondering where are the tips about site planning, naming the blog and all that important stuff? Well, it isn’t important. No-one…

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