I seem to understand blogging…

Sadhana Srinivasan

Blogging is new to me. I had not known the feeling of unknown people understanding and appreciating my thoughts and my words. Naturally enough, I wanted more and more people to do the same. And instantly, my mind went to all this awesome information I knew of I could provide. It would be complete in every aspect. People could come here and learn! What a great idea! Only, it wasn’t. It was a stupid idea. For two major reasons

1) I would have not been adding anything new. It would have just been a very handicapped, biased, incomplete and inaccurate version of Wikipedia.

2) I would not be adding my thoughts. My ideas. Anyone can go anywhere and find information. It’s not information I want them to read, I want them to understand me. Which is the purpose of blogging. To be heard.

I guess, this is the crowning victory…

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