Reading and Editing—Paper vs. Screen

Corr Editing

I step into the library and find myself transported back in time. I’m five years old again, going to work with my grandmother, the librarian. A moment of perfect bliss—we had the whole library to ourselves, to slip among its aisles and know that any of those books would talk to me, tell me their stories, open themselves to me wholly, and that I would be all the richer for it. The rows and rows of books in all the colors of the rainbow became my playground. Even today I still love to see them stretching before me, to smell that familiar, comforting scent of old volumes, to run my fingers along textured spines. I revel in all their physicality.

And yet I almost never hold physical books anymore; I read their stories and information from a screen. Even when editing, I prefer to use a screen; in fact, I…

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