A Dash of Romance

Allison Whitmore, Author

On my journey to wrestle a good antagonist to life in story I am currently contracted to complete (for very little pay at the moment, mind you), I discovered this delightful article by C.S. Lakin. I was happily surprised to find that the article brought to light an argument for romance I had never quite seen before but seemed so incredibly logical. It’s sort of what I mean when I say “romance is the human condition”…sort of. Lakin states that we appreciate romance in our stories, even if it’s at the B plot or a C plot level because romance reflects life. I love that idea. Okay, sure, happily-ever-after does not necessarily reflect life, and romance stories are often reflective of the character’s maturation process. But her point is a good one, and I encourage you to take a look at what else she has to say about support characters and plot-lines. It’s was…

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