Rewriting the Blurb, Refining the Cover

Covers and Blurbs

Keys of Candor

This week, I just finished a six chapter block of edits given to us from our editor.  It was a quick turnaround for a lot of work. I felt good, and motivated to keep working on something as I waited for the second installment of edits to arrive. I thought it was time to revisit the blurb and the cover we are preparing for our book.

As some of you probably already know we are preparing to release The Red Deaths on Amazon as an ebook as well as a physical book utilizing CreateSpace, Amazon’s POD (Print on Demand) service.  Since we have been buckled over in the editing process, neither Casey or I have taken much time to refine the outside of what our physical book will look like.

Despite the colloquialism, books are judged by their cover, especially when someone is itching to buy something on their…

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