#Revising and Rewriting a Novel is no Mystery

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akillerideaRevising and rewriting a novel is no mystery if you go about it methodically. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it’s a critical part of an author’s job. Revising and rewriting is my favorite step in creating a novel because I come up with some of my best scenes during this segment of producing my story.

Preliminary Preparation:
I begin my revising and rewriting process by sticking my novel in a drawer or in a computer folder and not looking at it for at least three weeks. Just before I start actively revising and rewriting, I make a complete copy of my manuscript and store it on my computer and on an external hard drive. I will continue to make copies on a regular basis as I make revisions. That way, if I cut or add something I shouldn’t, I can always return to the…

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