Indies Hitting The Big Time: Jasinda And Jack Wilder At Berkley Books

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Image provided by Jasinda and Jack Wilder Image provided by Jasinda and Jack Wilder

Testing The Indie Spirit

As we’re reporting this morning (April 6) at The Bookseller’s The FutureBook, Jasinda and Jack Wilder have come up with an Easter surprise for their many fans: Their agent, Kristin Nelson, has negotiated a seven-figure deal for three books with Penguin Random House’s Berkley Books.

This is a new case of self-publishing authors stepping into a major traditional-publishing success, having established themselves as indie bestsellers with more than 2 million ebook sales.

The wife-husband writing team — with more than 40 novels and novellas self-published — is creating a trilogy, Madame X, for Berkley. The first book is to be released November 3, the second and third in early 2016.

And when I interviewed Jasinda Wilder over the weekend, her comments repeatedly touched on her and Jack’s dedication to readers of their books, until now entirely self-published…

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