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Ella Emerson

When I first started blogging I hate to admit it but I knew NOTHING about the blogging world. Seo? Backlinks? These words confused me, but over time I learned as I went. I just kept blogging and hoping people would read what I wrote. Most of my first blog posts were senseless chatter. But I kept at it.

Now although I still feel as though I don’t know much, I am branching out. I am trying new things and trying to market myself as an author, blogger, and ANYTHING that will help me quit my 9-5 job and stay home. Everyone wants to work from home, right? Well if you don’t then this posts may not be the best for you. Although, if you even use any type of online social media then you may want to pay attention.

I want to introduce you to a site I found. When…

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3 Key Steps for Creating a Successful Blog

Secrets and Top Lists

Writing a blog is popular. Still, for most bloggers  writing a blog is like shouting in a forrest: you are doing it but no-one can hear.

Now ask yourself this question: If I  write my blog in the forest, and a tree falls on me and kills me, does anyone care? Follow the 3 key steps for creating a successful blog outlined below, and your loyal followers will be sad to find out you are dead.

  1. Have a topic that is interesting and emotionally meaningful for a clearly defined audience.
  2. Don’t just know your topic, master it. Knowledge is not enough, also have deep yet clever insights.
  3. Write well: fluid, well constructed text with sound logic and arguments that lead into clear points is the minimum requirement. Don’t babble!

Now some of the readers are wondering where are the tips about site planning, naming the blog and all that important stuff? Well, it isn’t important. No-one…

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So, This is Scary isn’t it?

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller


I started this little blog adventure to encourage me to write regularly, share my ups and downs as a know-nothing-writer and hopefully, amuse a few people along the way.

I didn’t actually expect that anyone would read it and now that you are, I have become scarily obsessed with the stats page. At first it was exciting, I would click on the app a few times a day and see who was logging in from where and what pages they were looking at, amazed at the technology.

Then the numbers started to go up, I was receiving referrals in from places that I didn’t even share the blog to. It had taken on an life of its own, reproducing to a new audience by internet osmosis. This was even more exciting! My little blog, my words, were being read on the other side of the world and by hundreds of people that I…

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Blog-hopping and Rule-bending

The parasite guy

Well, it’s been a little late in coming, but I did actually manage to post this week like I said I would, which I reckon counts for something. A big thanks goes out once again to Kokkieh, who nominated me to take part in the present hop. I particularly enjoyed questions 4 and 5 when I wrote this up: I had no idea at all how to answer them at first and, really, as a writer I kinda need to be able to answer things like that.

The rules for this blog-hop, by the way,  are as follows:

  1. Answer the five questions – done!
  2. Nominate two bloggers to continue the hop – also done!

So…seems I have everything in order there…let’s begin!

1. Include a quote that you like

Fun fact: this was the very last question I answered when writing this post, simply because it took ages to think…

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Blogging for Authors Video Course

Our Video Example

BloggingThis is Blogging for Authors, an example website from a video course.
It’s possible you came here from another way, but you might be a Udemy student and that’s great if you are. Udemy is a smart place to learn almost anything, like my courses for writers.
This course focuses on making blogs at WordPress.com and Blogger. However, the info presented works for all kinds of other platforms including WordPress.org. It’s all fairly universal.
As you probably know, millions of people are blogging, but most of them aren’t doing it well. If you’re working on your game, you can easily develop into a better blogger than most of the writers who are doing it.
I believe blogging is one of the smartest things an author can do. Why? Because blogging:

  • gives you a platform for writing about anything.
  • boosts your online presence.
  • has wonderful SEO properties and helps people…

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POP! Goes the Blogger! x

That Dress Is Mine!

dear all sig

It’s funny how all of a sudden you could be in the middle of something trivial and mundane then ‘POP!!!” out of no-where there is an idea for a blog entry. Then you get caught up al all the things still going on around you, then before you know it, you’ve lost your idea and that excellent train of thought. My goodness, how bloody annoying is that?


No matter how hard you try, NOPE, that brain of yours isn’t having any of it and that beloved idea/though is gone forever! (DRAT!!! I’m being polite and ladylike here – I must remember my P’s and my Q’s, ok!!!)

Then on  the other hand, there is that time when you try so darn hard to come up with an idea and I swear, your brain acts like the Sahara Dessert with multiple tumbleweed moments because all you hear is NOTHING!!! once again…

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Looking for the source of an image

The Diaries of James Purcell

Has anyone ever seen this image before? ac5a93fe4d299258aae8938c0ef7f158 I would like to use an edited version of it in my book but have run out of links to follow to its source. Does anyone spot where this image came from and who its creator was?

Ahh getting somewhere. was made by Edgar Clement, and was snatched from his image La Trinca (The Holy Trio)

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30 Days of Blogging: Life Lessons

A feast is made for laughter

life lessonsEvery day I learn something new about life.  I think that to learn is to grow, and the minute you stop learning you die.  Maybe not physically, but emotionally and mentally, for sure.  When I think back over my past 32 years, I think about all the life lessons I’ve learned.  There’s been a lot of them, to be sure, but a few stick out in my mind.  The biggest one, though, is fairly simple.

Don’t let expectations of how you SHOULD be force you into something you’re NOT.

When I was growing up, it was always expected that I would do well in school.  Pay attention in class, earn good grades, do extracurricular activities…those types of things.  What’s weird, however, is that college was never part of the equation.  No one in my family had ever gone to college before, not even in my extended family, so it was never…

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What most bloggers don’t want to hear

Live & Learn

write,writing,internet,social media,wordpress

Jeff Bullas has over 4 million followers at his blog @ Jeffbullas.com. He was ranked #8 by Forbes on their list of “The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” in 2014. He was the winner of Social Media Examiner’s “Top Social Media Blogs” in 2013.  He shares 27 blogging success factors in his post titled “What most bloggers don’t want to hear.”  21 of 27 (77%) hit home with me.

I started this digital platform built on passion, purpose and the beckoning of exciting new frontiers. It was invigorating. This portal to the world gave me a voice I didn’t know existed. It was a journey into the unknown. I created and crafted content, built connections on Twitter and published. I signed up for learning. It was time when Facebook was simple and organic. Content didn’t need images, screen shots and 1,500 words. It…

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16 Blog Post Ideas for Novelists that will Engage the Right Audience

E.E. Rawls Writes

Excerpt from DIYauthor: original article HERE

Most authors know the value of building a platform and growing their readership. Unfortunately, fiction authors have a difficult time finding practical advice that works for their unique needs. How does one build a crowd of the right readers? We have assembled a list of suggestions that should get the wheels turning on your content strategy.

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Writers life, blogging


Today I decided I was going to really make a go of this writing malarkey. I’ve been writing most days for the past year (granted some of those days were ‘to do lists’) and it’s about time I started taking it seriously.
I want to be that person whose office is the local coffee shop, whose work hours are those that are not the same time as their favourite TV programmes and whose colleagues are the furry friends that some people may call pets.
On a genuine note, I also really want to write which is fairly important. I want to expand my vocabulary, use words as my  SOMETHING, make it my day job, tell stories and if I’m really lucky, have people actually read those stories.
So, I did what any serious writer would do; I got business cards. They say ‘Writer’ on them, there’s my website printed neatly…

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