Guest Post by Alex Hurst: What Can Traditional Publishing Offer Authors?

Nicholas C. Rossis

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Alex Hurst

As you know, I’ve self-published some of my books, and published traditionally others. When I posted a (somewhat cheeky) infographic about Self-publishing vs. Traditional Publishing, my friend Alex Hurst pointed out that there’s lot more to be gained from following the traditional path than suggested by the post.

After she had made a few great arguments in the comments, I asked her to write up a guest post on the subject, as she had obviously put a lot of thought into the subject. She came up with the great post below. Enjoy!

3 Reasons to Go Traditional

These days, self-publishing is all the rage, and with the prominence of DIY publishers like Amazon, Smashwords, and Draft-2-Digital, it’s not hard to see why. Authors can take full control of the creative process, editing only what they want to, choosing (or making) a cover they feel presents their book faithfully, and distributing to whatever…

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Promoting Book 1, Writing Book 2 and A One Star Review

Writer Babble

Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup on office wooden table

Okay to start with I’m still having an awesome time floating around the sea of self publishing. It’s a wonderful place to be but has it’s ups and down like everything else we do in life.

First to promoting book 1. I’ve found some really good places to promote The Vanishing. Bknights, who came to me as a recommendation from other writers was great. The result was nice and again were a very easy place to do business with. Pixelscroll were just okay. I sold some but not a lot for the price I paid for them.
Overall though the book has been within the top 20 and top 50 in it’s categories which I’ve been incredibly happy about. The enigmatic Amazon algorithms Gods have picked it up and advertising it here and there.
I also did an Author interview with R J Madigan over on her blog. If you…

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Tips from a Marketing Guru

John D Reinhart


Gosh, that’s a selling title. Sadly, I sort of have the opposite in mind, but you can’t make a headline that says “I Need Tips from a Marketing Guru”, because no non-marketing guru will read your blog. And, although my children believe me to be an ATM, I was sort of hoping to get some advice on the cheap.

Here’s my bass-ackwards marketing plan, which needs serious consideration. WARNING: don’t do as I do, for I don’t know what I’m doing.

In the new world of publishing, the reader chooses the author, not the other way around. One way to build steam for your book is to offer it for free, or at least parts of it, to get it out there in the big old WWW. You build interest, you build potential readership, you build search linkages, yada yada yada.

In the new world of publishing, you must be…

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Words from the otherworld: Media, marketing, noise and just, no. This is a web, let’s treat it as such.


I have been thinking a lot about ‘marketing’ lately. I have also been doing a lot of researching and admittedly I still have a lot more research ahead of me. However, what I have read so far didn’t sit well with me. It made me uncomfortable and even went against my values. “Ah, but marketing isn’t about values its about money! And making sure your wonderful book reaches the readers that so desperately want it!” Hmmm. That still doesn’t sit well with me. So, I have been sitting and thinking about the internet, the ‘web’. The web is my main source of contact to the outside world since falling ill and in many ways it has been a life saver. I have made some truly profound connections via the web. Also, I met my partner and the majority of my great loves and friends, via the web. How did these…

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This self promotion business isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Millie Thom

shutterstock_110314841So I’ve got my book on Amazon. Now what do I do? As idiotic as that may sound, that’s exactly how I felt when I eventually published my book online. Being totally ignorant of the workings of online retailing, I thought that was that, and just let the book sit there, stagnating for a few months.

Sales?  Perhaps one step higher than the one labelled ZILCH.

Only to be expected when the book is buried beneath thousands of others!  I know that now. I didn’t, then. It never entered my head that I had to actually do things to make my book more visible. I can hear you saying, ‘Which planet has this woman been living on for the past ten years?’ I‘ve since learned of multiple strategies adopted by authors to get their book(s) visible to potential readers – both before and after publication.

I have no intention of…

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Sales, Marketing, and Other Profanity

Author Cynthia A. Rodriguez

As human beings, we’re always evolving, always learning. So, wouldn’t the same thing be said of our writing? I think the same thing could be said of our entire authoring experience.

I’ve evolved from someone who knew nothing about publishing a book, with just an idea in my head and the hopes that someone would listen. Here I am today, a published author working on the sequel as well as the third book and another project. Juggling all of these things, I began to feel pressured to sell. Selling your book means success. It means the nights that I stay awake writing when I could be resting before another full day of work at 0630 actually meant something, right? I thought this. And I thought that I wasn’t doing enough.

I’ve always told Rosemi that I wanted to make it organically. I wanted to be the book, the author, that…

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0093 – I Have to Market My Own Books?

Being a Writer

When I first updated my sci-fi short story ebooks — SECRETS & LOST –, my sellers rank was in the high 400,000’s, low 500,000’s for these books. If that wasn’t bad enough. . .in the five days since I made updates (new covers, more edits, better descriptions, updated keywords & categories), the rank has fallen even more thanks to zero sales:

Screen Shot 10-10-14 at 10.52 AMWhen I see this, my heart drops into my stomach and I just want to puke, it’s so sad. Ranking like this basically mean that unless it’s by chance, no one will ever see this book and buy it (as proven by zero sales all this week).

I think many of us are of the impression that books will sell themselves. I know I use to think this.

My misplaced perception is due to the fact that I’ve done zero marketing since posting these books 18-months ago. In that time…

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Not a sale to be had…


The Fiction of Michael R. Wilson

While the goal at Saturday’s Local Author’s Book Fair was to sell books…I don’t think too many of us did. But that’s  okay!

Conversations I had with fellow authors were fantastic: One lives in the extremely rural Maine town I lived next to for many years (unless you’ve lived there you’ve probably never heard of it). One is newly self-published and too shy to talk up her new ‘baby’.

Another sent me to a site of New Hampshire based anthologies in different genres that I plan to look into…

One author manned her table and set-up half for one of our number who currently fights a serious illness and could not attend so she would still have opportunity to sell some copies.

Several expressed an interest in banding together to try again…

It is a lonely profession, writing…but we share many common struggles and each time we join forces it…

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The Newbie Author's Guide


This post is about the marketing site Bookbuzzr. I was introduced to this site by another author and blogger Shelly Hitz, the Self Publishing Coach. If you are interested you can click on the link and/or find her on my Resources Page.

What Is Bookbuzzr? 

Bookbuzzr is a book marketing site that helps automate some of the book marketing campaign for authors. It also helps with visibility on major book selling sites like Amazon and social media (Twitter and Facebook). They offer a great deal of technologies and fun ways to add exposure to books and connect authors to readers. They offer three different plans, but for additional general information go to their site

With the Pro and Pro Plus plans, the book is listed in the gaming site The author and the listed books are improved in search engine ranking and are search engine…

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