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So Long Suburbia...

The very first slot machine I ever played did not win anything. Even in that disappointing moment I felt the universal sagacity in this.   As everyone knows, if you win the first time you’re hooked.

This is why I see all writing contests through a filter of rosy glass, because I won second place in the first one I ever entered. In all fairness the contest was made for me.  The Young Adult category only asked for the first chapter to be submitted.  And I am excellent at first chapters.  I’ve been writing stellar first chapters since middle school.  I have more first chapters than stains on my white couch, and I have three kids.

I won a cash prize, one hundred dollars, and a letter that offered congratulations. The letter, which I still have somewhere, says something like, “This contest was formed to encourage unpublished writers to continue in…

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Discover and Build Your Author Brand

E.E. Rawls Writes

By Kimberley Grabas on yourwriterplatform.com : original article here

What exactly is an author brand?

You’re a writer, not a company or a product.

Do you really need a brand?

An effective author brand can give you a major edge in successfully marketing your new self-published novel, increasing your client base for your freelance writing business or landing that book deal for your non-fiction work.

Interest piqued?

Many authors mistakenly

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Looking for the source of an image

The Diaries of James Purcell

Has anyone ever seen this image before? ac5a93fe4d299258aae8938c0ef7f158 I would like to use an edited version of it in my book but have run out of links to follow to its source. Does anyone spot where this image came from and who its creator was?

Ahh getting somewhere. was made by Edgar Clement, and was snatched from his image La Trinca (The Holy Trio)

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Etablishing your Brand; tips for new authors


It shouldn’t come as any shock to you that self-published or traditionally published authors have to be plugged into social media and develop their brand. We have to market ourselves and can’t expect anyone to do it for us. Over the past two years I’ve learned a lot about marketing and my “brand” and discovered some things I wish I’d known sooner. I’ve been asked over the past few months for tips and advice, so here you go!

General Tips from Eloise
Get all accounts in your author name right away. WordPress, blogger, twitter, youtube, facebook, tumblr, etc. Get all of them in your author name even if you don’t plan on using them. It’s better that you have them now than someone snagging them later. This also provides consistency for fans; they will easily be able to find you anywhere instantly just by searching your name.

Also get a…

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