The bittersweet taste of traditional publishing

Writer's Block

book-436507_640One of the many reasons I have been more than usually absent from this blog in recent months is a rather large side project – a non fiction book. Now that we are in the final stages of reviewing the contract with the publisher, I think it may be worth adding my two-bobs worth to the discussion about self publishing vs. traditional publishing.

The new book, which will be about playspaces, came about in the most unlikely of ways. A chance in a million. On a whim, back in the dim dark days at the start of the year, I entered a competition on Goodreads. Remarkably, I won it, and some time later received a lovely hardback edition of a landscape design history book. Finding it hard to maintain the CPD points I need to maintain my qualification with a bub, I inquired of our professional magazine if they would…

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Putting Your Books into Print by Mandy Rosko

Moving from e book to print book by Mandy Rosko

Nights of Passion

I was hesitant about putting The Princess’ Dragon Lord into print for the longest time, even though it’s one of my better single title sellers. It didn’t make me tens of thousands of dollars or anything, but it did make sure I got a check in the mail from Amazon every month for a good long while.

It was for that reason that I ultimately chose that book to be translated into German. It was one of my better sellers, and it was short enough that I wouldn’t have to pay a truckload to translate it. The cost was still pretty high by any normal person’s standards, but still more than fair to get a good translation 🙂

In Germany, the book has almost earned back all the money I spent on it so far, which made me wish I’d taken the time to put it into print as well.

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