Personal Writing Goals and Reflections

ATIC State of Mind

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As the year comes to an end, everyone is beginning to think of their new goals for the new year and reflect on how far they have come over the course of 365 days. Therefore, I thought that it would be a great time to jot down my writing goals for the coming year, as well as how I feel I have already improved as a writer.

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My Experience Keeping a Journal

Eat, Write, Laugh

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I just finished writing on the last page of my journal, and it made me reflect on how long I have been journaling and the benefits I feel it has had for me. I began keeping a journal when I was eight years old: my elementary school teacher at the time required that we all write in our journal daily, and then mark the top of the page with a green, orange or red circle, like a semaphore, to indicate whether she was allowed to read the entries or not. We submitted our diaries to her at the end of each month. She was allowed to read green entries and speak about them to the class. She could read orange entries but not speak about them to anybody. Red entries were private, and she was not to read them at all.

This stopped after the third grade, but the practice…

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