A Day in the Life of a Feature Writer? Erm, No Thanks!

Chapter Five

imagesToday I typed into Google: A day in the life of a feature writer, because I wanted to imagine myself in that role to see how it felt. Apparently, one of the first tasks a feature writer (for a daily newspaper) does in the morning is to go through the newspapers for feature ideas. This may mean sod all to you, but let me give you some context of what it means to me.

[Context:] I avoid watching the news. I avoid looking at all newspapers (apart from the occasional Sunday paper, because I like the magazines and interviews) and I’ve even deactivated my facebook account because I’m sick of being bombarded with negative, gut wrenching and disturbing information. I’m of a sensitive temperament-or at least that’s what I’ve always told people when they ask why I avoid the news. But on pondering this statement, maybe it’s not that…

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