‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith


cuckoos calling

It really bothers me that J.K. Rowling got ‘outed’ as being the actual person behind the Robert Galbraith pseudonym. She obviously chose to release the Galbraith books under this name for a reason, and the voice, tone and themes of this novel are completely different from those of Harry Potter, but because of her name they will be unavoidably linked and compared, and I find that frustrating for a few reasons:

1. These crime novels are not books written by the ‘bestselling author of the Harry Potter series’ – they are quiet, unassuming stories that fit seamlessly into the private eye / whodunnit genre. They do not exist on the same literary level or universal scale as the Harry Potter series and they’re not meant to, but silly people will see Rowling’s name and think that’s what they should be.

2. Personally I would have liked to have been able…

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Pen Name – Permission to fail


I hate to break the trust that we’ve built up in all our time together (read: one other introductory post), but I think it’s time to come clean.

I use a pen name.

Take a deep breath and we’ll get through this shocking revelation together.

If you take five minutes and do a little search on what writers feel about pen names, you’ll get about fifty different opinions. Some good, some not. Some valid, some not so much. I decided to use a pen name for two reasons – one completely superficial, one that feels a little more legitimate (to me, anyway).
The Superficial Reason:
I was avoiding writing this week and decided to play around with a mockup of a cover for my current work-in-progress. I found the right photos and the right font and blended this and shadowed that. I liked it. It wasn’t bad for a first…

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On Coming Out (as a writer)

Rochelle Deans

About a month after my sister moved to college in 2010, she called me and let me know that she was lesbian. I was surprised, but not very surprised, and I thanked her for telling me. It was a while before she had the courage to come out to our parents, especially to my mother, who was a conservative Christian and had bought firmly into everything that implies.

The past few years have been relatively normal for my little sister. Not too much has changed about her. Her coming out has, instead, had a profound effect on our mother. A woman who was used to taking what she heard at face value began to grapple with her faith out of love for my sister.

I am so very proud of her.

But it took me years to do my own kind of coming out.

I’m not gay, but there are plenty of other secrets to…

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