Beasts, Alphas, Doms, and the BDSM Line

Notebook of a Black Sheep

First, I’d like to thank my anonymous reviewer for their compliment, in saying that my story was well-written. But second, I would like to address some concerns that this reviewer brought up.

For those of you who haven’t read the review, the subject is the mentality behind alphas and dominants, and what that tendency actually says about the person in question. This begs the question of whether an alpha can ever be considered a well-rounded character. Since one of my two main characters is a beast character, and he is the focal point, this tension is makes up the crux of my story.

“I have always found over-the-top ‘alphas’ or ‘doms’ to be more than a little repugnant…”

Alphas and dominants certainly cater to a particular taste. The stories that revolve around them often center around the issue of control. This is because being an alpha means being at the…

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Random Musing

Elsa Holland

Ok so have you ever read a line or a passage and it really moved you, more than the actual words on the page should have? I don’t know about you but when this happens it usually takes me by surprise. You are reading, immersed in the story, there is often an underlying tension that might be building and then you read this one sentence and wam you are hit with the emotion or the insight, like a damn was building up behind the words Buhner would say.  That emotion or that deeper meaning was there under the surface, threaded along with the words and then all of a sudden it is on the surface.  It’s pretty magical how that happens really. I’ve stopped and really analysed the words but it’s something underneath them that’s doing it.

ENSOULING LANGUAGE by Stephen H Buhner steps into this realm of writing and leads us through how…

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Review Tuesday!


Every Tuesday I will be bringing you reviews on everything I have read in the previous week. I figured one post a week would be better than individual posts about every book I have read.  Especially if I don’t have a lot to say about the book(s).  So since it is Tuesday and I really want to talk about the book I just finished I picked Tuesday to do my reviews 🙂 Makes sense right?

So anyways…lets get going to the good part…..

This past week I have finished 3 books and I have different thoughts on each one.  I really liked one, another was good but I felt it was too short and the other was just ok. At least I didn’t completely hate any of them (which rarely happens but does happen).
The first book I finished this week was Four Perfect Pebbles by Lila Perl and Marion…

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What are your thoughts on Negative Reviews?

Maya Green's Novels

“If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all!”  images-2

We all know the quote from little thumper and most of us probably grew up with a parent and or grandparent teaching us something similar and yet this isn’t applied to the internet. Once we get on the net it gets messy, rude and down right appalling. I am not saying that we shouldn’t write negative reviews when we dislike something or when something doesn’t meet the standard we expected it too, however there is such a thing as tact. Tact a four letter word that has been forgotten in the online realm. What spurred me on the little rant? I’ve been scouring goodreads for a new book/ series to delve into and I have been astounded by some people’s reviews to the point of disgust and a couple of them got me worked up enough to pose…

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